George Lawson - Spiritual Medium
Welcome to the official website of George Lawson.
George is a spiritual medium who has worked all over the uk Demonstrating his amazing gift of mediumship. George has a love of spiritual philosophy and enjoys teaching in workshops and seminars throughout the country.
George has dedicated his life to working for the spirit world and is renowned for his upbeat delivery, accuracy and warmth.
George has the honour of being  one of only four British mediums recommended by
 James Van Praagh.
George is currently serving as a medium at the Spiritual Association of Great Britain ( S.A.G.B)  where he provides demonstrations of mediumship and private sittings.
A few words from George
It has been a great privilege working for the spirit world. I have met so many people, and it gives me the greatest satisfaction to prove life everlasting.
I am really looking forward to the New year 2013, I am looking forward to reaching out to as many people as i can, bringing their loved ones to them and proving that life is continous. To remove fears and bring a knowing and understanding of the spirit world and how it works. I am trying to put together a small tour in small venues around the country, so that i can come to you.
Be Happy
George Lawson
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